Ali's Auto Detailing and Hand Car-Wash

Visit us at

342B Guy Lombardo Avenue

Freeport NY 11520

Phone to make a booking: 1-516-377-3701 or 1-516-317-2461

We are open from 8:30am till 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9am till 5pm Sundays.Specialists in Auto Detailing Sports Vehicles, SUVs, Luxury Cars and Passenger Cars

Our professional services include:
Clay treatments for advanced contaminant and pollutant removal, Car Waxing & Polishing, Auto Washes - Hand Done, Interior and Exterior Cleaning, Fabrics Treatment, Undercarriage Washing, Engine Detailing, VIP Services, Exterior Compounds, Interior Shampooing, Paint Sealants, Micro-Fiber Wipedowns.

Please call us for our current extra services, pricing, memberships and further products.

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We are located at:

342B Guy Lombardo Avenue
 Freeport NY 11520

Phone to make a booking:

1-516-377-3701  or 1-516-317-2461